Cultural Resistance Festival of Palestinan Theatre

Domani si conclude l’edizione 2018 del Festival di Resistenza Culturale del Teatro Palestinese, per ricordare l’assassinio del cofondatore del Freedom Theatre Juliano Mer Khamis, ucciso il 4 aprile 2011.

Qui le informazioni sul loro evento: LINK

“April is a month with profound meaning for The Freedom Theatre and for Jenin refugee camp. In April 2002, during the Battle of Jenin, residents of the camp managed to hold against a large-scale invasion by the Israeli occupation forces, resulting in great losses and large parts of the camp being demolished. On April 4, 2011, The Freedom Theatre’s co-founder Juliano Mer Khamis was brutally assassinated while driving out from the theatre. Every year on this day, we honour Juliano’s life, work and legacy while we repeat the demand that those responsible for this crime be brought to justice. April stands out every year as a period in which the theatre commemorates its resilience despite all the challenges and difficulties it has faced.

We have continued Arna and Juliano’s dream of turning The Freedom Theatre into a national cultural movement, which is home to creative and artistic expressions of justice, equality and freedom. We ask friends from across the world to join The Freedom Theatre in this mission and to share in celebrating our anniversary. At this time we commemorate the murder of our co-founder Juliano and repeat our demand for justice. We also join our people in the refugee camp in commemorating the 2002 Battle of Jenin.

Cultural resistance means different things to different people. However, even without a standard definition, we are still able to identify a set of common goals and visions amongst artistic initiatives, rooted in the belief that the arts and culture play a critical role in life and society.

We believe that cultural resistance is one tool within a larger framework of resistance. This automatically has social and organisational implications associated with the concept of change. At The Freedom Theatre we use various art forms, ranging from theatre to multimedia, to oppose the several occupations affecting us as Palestinians.”


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